We will cover:



Network marketing


Graphic designing


Print on demand

YouTube channel.

Book publisher


Online tuition.

Digital currency.

Article writing.

E-book publisher

Make an Application

Became a writer

Make side gigs.


Virtual Assistant

Switch streamer

Investment in stocks

Online sell clothes.

make money online
make money online

Are you looking for making money online? There are real ways to make money online. Millions of people are doing it each day. There are plenty of business ideas. But u have to choose wisely according to your interest and potential Choose the field in which u can give your best to reach your mind what u want to do then your success will reach you.

1) Freelancing

Freelancing is to work independently, here u work as self-employed and often referred to as independent contractors rather than be employed by someone else, here you can take orders according to your skills and u make gigs according to your skills.    

What is a freelance contract?

It is an agreement between you and your clients.

Earn Money online as a freelancer

There are some most trust full and valuable websites for freelancing FREELANCING

  • Fiver
  • Up-WORK
  • Guru
  • People-Per-Hour
Best Websites for Freelancing

2. Blogging.

Blogging is an old method for making money online. People who love writing tend to start blogging for every interesting thing, for example, blog about cars, toys, health, beauty, etc. You can start a blog o various platforms. There are many ways to make money by blogging.


  • Choose the title for your blog for which a lot of people are looking for.
  • Write like u talk with someone.
  • Start with a very specific working title.
  • Create content for your blog that serve your audience.

Try to make your content interesting and easy to read.

     Special tips



Drop-shipping is rapidly growing it is one of the best ways to make money, you can start from today with SHOPIFY, dropshipping, etc.

4. Network marketing.

It’s a direct selling business. In network marketing, u can work independently and promote products or services. There are a lot of types of network marketing u can choose according to your own and you can start your work with AMWAY, AVON, MAR KAY, MELALEUCA .etc.

online Earning with Network Marketing

5. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketer is someone who introduces others to the product and services. Affiliate marketers just simply refer others to the products and services.

6. Graphic designing

It’s a craft where the graphic designer create visual content to communicate messages by applying visual hierarchy page layout and other techniques. You can start online work as a graphic designer.

7. Ecommerce.

It refers to a business model that allow companies and individuals to buy and sell the goods and services in internet so, you can start your work having a laptop, smart phone etc.

8. Print on demand

9. YouTube channel.

By making a You tube channel is also a way to earn money but its depends upon your content the more people like your videos there are more chances u get money. Monetize videos with ads and it is helpful to grow your channel.

10. Book publisher.

You can publish your book as an author .As an author your money is fully depend on how u publish your book. You can make money by monetizing your book to sold them .You can start your work online as a book publisher with websites like Blurb, Kindle direct publishing(KDP),smash words ,lulu publishing etc.

11. Influencer.

Influencers make money online through social media .You can make money by creating and posting sponsored content for brands on social media. You can earn money by promoting others brand and services.

12. Online tuition.

You can earn money by giving online tuition services on demand .tutor can expect money between 300-1000 per hour of online tutoring. Choose the subject on which u have grip and u can easily convey to your students.

13.Digital currency..

You can make money with buy and selling digital currency, by investing, staking and lending, crypto social media, mining, airdrops and forks.

14. Article writing.

Anyone can make money by writing articles. It is a trendy job and people do it full time or part time. You can do it for your own blog or for write it for any websites. You can make money by selling your articles on wow women on writing, strong whispers, link-Able, Cracked.com etc.

 15. E-book publisher

You can money by publishing an E-book. As an author of the book u will be paid. Choosing best topic will highly beneficial for you. You can publish your E-book on kindle direct publishing(KDP) owned by Amazon, Create space, i-Books , Barnes noble press, Kobo, smash words.


  • Choose a popular topic.
  • Write to a high standard
  • Choose best platform for your Ebook publishing
  • Publish a series of ebook

16. Make an Application

You can earn money by making an application but you have to be  skilled to make an android application about  18 percent of android app developer get over $5000 per month.

17. Became a writer

Make money by writing blogs, scripts, writing contents for social media, scripts for video creators and social media. Your good and interesting content is much more important for your earning and you can earn from writing as freelancer on a lot of famous sites such as pro-blogger, freelance writing.

18. Make side gigs.

 Side gigs are awesome work to get money. You can make money by selling or renting property and also by complete micro tasks online, online property dealer by online surveys, ride sharing, freelance work or consultant etc. You can start any side business make online selling store, sell prints and hand made goods etc.

 19. Translator

No matters if u don’t know about translation you can make money as a translator .the best thing is u can use any good application translator or any other application like Google translate  ,Microsoft translator etc. Like Lionbridge offers content, translation .testing, AI services.

 20. Virtual Assistant

You can also earn money and it’s the most trending online work .You can make money as a virtual assistant at amazon and u will get paid at least 25% to 30% from minimum of 10 sales a day .You can get money by proofread blog posts, format posts in word press, by managing a blog editorial calendar, provider customer support and also by creating landing pages.

21. Switch streamer

You can get money as a switch streamer, the best switch streamer make money by small payments known as bits and paid by subscriptions, donations, influencer marketing and the best way is a switch streamer of amazon.

22. Investment in stocks

This is also a well-known way to get money by investing in stock. Many stock companies pay profits as per share .You can also buy and sell shares its also very profitable way to get paid.

23. Online sell clothes.

You can make money by selling clothes of brands online by social media and get profit by them and also you can make money by buying and selling clothes by making your own online store.

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