Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, that provides a web hosting service, is a business providing special server computers to store your websites online and to be viewed on the internet.
Different web hosting companies provide disk space and bandwidth on a high-power server computer that makes your website visible on the internet. These servers are placed physically on Data Centers.

Web hosting allows you to store your web content online without having any security threats. There are many paid and free hosting services.

web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting Services

Various types of web hosting services are available to host your website. A few are discussed below. You can choose any of the website hosting services according to your budget and website requirements.

          1. Shared Hosting

          2. Dedicated Hosting   

          3. Reseller web hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is an easily affordable and most popular web hosting service.

In shared hosting, the disk space and bandwidth of the server are shared for different website owners. The sharing includes all physical and software applications within the server.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the most powerful and effective web hosting Service.

In a dedicated hosting environment, the server is dedicated only for your website, no else websites are hosted on that server. Dedicated web hosting allows faster website performance, as all the resources are dedicated to your site without sharing.

This is the best choice for busy websites that require a large of system resources and a higher security level.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is the cheapest hosting service for small and personal websites. Web hosting companies offer their web storage space to a reseller at a low cost, reseller resells this storage space to his customers.

Website designers and system integration companies are usually the resellers.

Reseller hosting is best only when you need a personal space online

It is not a good option for business websites.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting

web Hosting factors

Most importantly Web hosting is like a base land for your website on which your website is standing. So it’s important to choose the best hosting for the strong base of your website.

Here we will show some basic factors that should be considered before choosing a hosting service.

how to choose best web hosting


Every website shows its uptime on loading the home page. Check for the website’s uptime and target those having maximum uptime above 99.5%.


Another important factor before choosing the best web hosting service is the Support provided by the hosting company. You may need technical support in case of any fault or crash to your website. You should be considered that how much technical support they tend to provide you in the future. Are they ready to provide 24/7 support?


The next factor to be considered while choosing a hosting service is cost. Look for the upfront and renewal costs. Ask for the renewal cost and check if it is affordable or not.


Some companies provide Backup services and some do not. Your Priority should be choosing the Backup providing services.


Check whether your hosting service is providing the upgrade feature or not. Upgradation means upgrading from the lower plan of your hosting server to advance. Many hosting companies don’t mention this feature, you should contact and ask the sales team yourself.

Inode Count/ Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of physical storage that a web host provides for storing your web files on the server. Select the required storage space that your web files actually need.

Inode Count tells the number of files that you can place on your server-side. Inode count usually varies from 1 lac to 1.5 lac depending upon your purchased hosting. So it’s important to consult the Inode Count that your hosting service is providing, before purchasing it


Be wary about the amount of bandwidth your hosting company is providing to you. The larger is the amount of bandwidth the more traffic to your website can be easily supported. Prefer to choose the hosts that provide unlimited bandwidth either in Gigabytes or Megabytes

Server Response Speed

Server Response Speed is the speed provided by your server. How much time period your server is taking to respond.

Look for your target audience and server’s location for its speed.

Refund Policy

Check whether your hosting service is providing a refund policy or not. Refund Policy means in case, after purchasing the host you realized that it is not best for your site. Either the hosting company is ready to refund purchasing price or not?

Addon Domain

Before choosing a hosting also check either the sales company is allowing to change the primary domain of your website .also is it providing you the features of adding more domains or not.

Cpanel Access

Also, check whether the hosting is providing the Cpanel facility or not. As Cpanel provides you the advanced level features of editing that is a kind of extra ease for you.

Here are some web hosting service providers recommended for the best ever hosting of your website.


HostGator is one of the best hosting company. It provides shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web and App hosting services.

Visit https://www.hostgator.com  for additional purchasing information.


Hostinger is another best web host providing Service. It also provides free domain service for 12 months. You can visit Hostinger from the link below to check for its pricing strategies.                                                            https://www.hostinger.com


The Easyhost is Pakistan’s top rating web hosting Company that Provides the best web hosting services. It also provides free domains, SSL and WordPress.

Visit https://www.easyhost.pk for more

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